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Repiping and Pipe Repair for Phoenix AZ

Leaky Pipe Repair

Repiping and pipe replacement usually involves complete replacement of the water lines in your home.  All the pipes, pipe fittings, stop valves, and supply lines are replaced with more modern pipe options.  Our Phoenix plumbing company can complete this process in approximately three days. Water is available during the entire process with the exception of a few hours on the last day. This ensures as little interruption to your home as possible.

Why Repipe?

There are many reasons why you may decide that re-piping is the right option for you. A big part of this decision depends on the type of pipes you currently have installed in your home.  Many Phoenix homes have galvanized or polybutilene plumbing, which are susceptible to clogs, leaks and breaks. Many of these issues are due simply to corrosion.

Warning signs include:

  • Low water pressure
  • Rusty water
  • Leaky pipes
  • Water leaking through your foundation
  • Water running even when faucets are closed
  • Unusually high water bills

Benefits of Repiping:

  • Clean, clear water without rust or odor
  • Increased water pressure allows you to use multiple faucets at one time
  • Stable water temperature even when using multiple faucets at one time
  • Peace of mind in a sound investment for your home
  • Increased property value and distinct home selling point

Copper Piping

Plumbers always recommend copper pipes for clean, drinkable water. If you are thinking about updating your pipes and drains, give us a call for an estimate on copper piping. Copper piping is the most durable pipe and is generally guaranteed from the manufacturer for 50 years. Combined with our guarantees, when you install copper piping from Smiley Plumbing, you will probably never have to worry about your pipes again! Copper piping won't corrode and will add value to your property if you decide to sell it. Call us for an estimate on copper piping today!

PEX Piping

Over time pipes naturally deteriorate to some degree. This can cause low water pressure, discolored water, or leaky pipes.  The buildup of lime and mineral deposits can slow the flow of the water, which can result in inconsistent water temperatures. PEX plumbing is an excellent choice for repiping because it is clean, doesn't corrode and will last a lifetime. Our experienced plumbers can guide you in this decision making process.

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Clients’ Comments

Just a note to let you know how pleased we were with the work your plumber did for us this morning. He was very personable, explained everything and best of all, I had no cleaning up to do after he left. He's our kind of plumber! If the need arises, we'll surely call you in the future.

- Dorothy O'Neil

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